Ultimate Gift Guide for Babies and Kids – Etsy Style

In honor of Small Business Saturday coming up, I wanted to create a gift guide focusing on small businesses. My favorite small business shopping? Etsy! There are so many creative, talented artisans selling one-of-a-kind items perfect for your child. I had such a hard time narrowing things down because Etsy really is a treasure trove of gift items for kids. The bonus? You’re supporting hard-working, small business owners who put love and care into each one of their products. Each one of these shops has so many more beautiful items than are pictured. So, go check them out!

Ultimate Gift Guide Etsy Babies Kids 2014








1. Slingshot from alittlelark: $22

2. Personalized Baby Teether Phone from 3PrincessStore: $12

3. Felt Plush Stuffed Robot Doll from MoffitPlushCo: $45

4. Teepee Play Tent from BElittleyouandme: $115

5. Tooth Fairy Pillow House from AppleWhite: $26 (can be personalized)

6. Hippo Organic Bath Wash Cloth Mitt from ecoleeko: $15

7. Natural Wood Baby Toy Rattle – Camera from BannorToys: $18 (can be personalized for extra)

8. Girls Strawberry Purse from AppleWhite: $25

9. Mini Crayon Roll from paperfromheaven: $7

10. Tree Growth Chart with magnetic birds to measure height from SoftIndustry: $95

11. Mr. and Mrs. Fox Stuffed Animals from blita: $96.66

12. Play Silks Set of Six from IndieBambinoToys: $25

13. Balloons and Bunnies Wood Bank from Mmim: $14

14. Personalized Stacking Rings from hcwoodcraft: $27

15. Wooden Toy Camera from MercerAndMien: $18

16. Kids Personalized Musical Instruments Set of 3 (also available individually) from ScissorMill: $71

17. Cloth Mermaid Doll from CleoAndPoppy: $54

18. Make a Stamp Art Kit from NayanaIliffe: $30

19. Wooden Swing for Kids from thewoodenhorse: $30, or $35 for personalization

20. Personalized Felt Crown & Magic Wand from stitchinnetka: $54

21. Felt Food Strawberries from madebyclairelouise: $2.67+

22. Baby Initial Letter Toy from AnnsCraftHouse: $12

23. Tic Tac Toe Game from ColetteBream: $14.95

24. Felt Magnet Alphabet from LittleFeltCloud: $54.67

25. Felt Play Watch from AnnsCraftHouse: $12

26. Green Grasshopper Puzzle and Room Decoration from berkshirebowls: $19.99

27. Super Hero Rainbow Cape from TheTreeHouseKid: $32.50

28. Fox Mask and Tail from BHBKidstyle: $31.79

29. Flower Pot Learn to Button Toy from cabincraftycreations: $7

30. Personalized Push Toy from KeepsakeToys: $36

31. Kids Bird Costume Wings from BHBKidstyle: $66.13

32. Art Hanging Kit from ElevatedScraps: $15

33. Wood Teether from KangarooCare: $16.53

34. Boy Scouts Directional Compass from TheHeritageTree: $8.50

35. Rapunzel Tutu Apron from loverdoversclothing: $28

36. Crayon Apron from paperfromheaven: $32

37. Hand Kite Toy from CakeInTheMorn: $7

38. Colouring In Hot Air Balloon Cushion Cover from SimplyAddColour

39. Teething Blanket Toy made out of hand dyed organic bamboo velour and maple wood from BrightLifeToys: $18

40. Hand-Dyed Jump Rope from jupiterschild: $25

41. Art Smock in Vintage Cameras from LoverOfLifeDesigns: $17.50

42. Kid & American Doll Jewelry Set from ShagbarkRoad: $26 Free shipping within the continental U.S.!

43. Doorway Puppet Theatre from CoolSpacesForKids: $55

44. Waldorf Tree House and Modular Building Walls from manzanitakids: $158


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