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The best, most used, fantastic, energy-busting item in our house? The Hook. The great thing about a hook is that it can be used for anything or nothing at all, in which case you probably wouldn’t even notice that it’s there. We currently use our hook for three much-used items: the “hammock,” which is mostly used for swinging and spinning around while watching cartoons, the “jumper,” which the baby uses to go crazy, and the “pirate ship,” which can swing, spin, be a cozy hangout, or a great prop for pretending to sail the seven seas while watching ‘Jake and the Neverland Pirates.’

 How To Make It Happen:

We are using a 4″ hook into a wood header between our kitchen and family room where there’s plenty of space to go a little crazy without hitting stuff. If you’re going to install one, use at least a semi-open space so there’s no collateral damage. The hook or eyebolt needs to be at least 4″ and be screwed straight up into a beam or header after pre-drilling. According to my contractor neighbor who I bugged about it, each 4″ or longer bolt or hook will hold about 75 pounds. Just make sure you get one that’s rated for at least that much.

Now the fun stuff! To read about our rotation of hanging energy-busters, check out my post on DIY Hammock, Merry Muscles Baby Exerciser, and Haba Ships See Saw Swing.

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