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View More: http://lisaanneportraits.pass.us/kate-ray--ibwHi! Welcome to my blog. My name is Kate and I’m a work-at-home graphic designer, wife of a Navy Psychologist, and mom of two keep-me-on-my-toes boys, Henry and James. I love making my home a beautiful, relaxing, organized space and I realized early on in motherhood that babies come with a lot of clutter! I made a decision when finding and buying kid stuff to only bring in what I would enjoy looking at and use. I love researching and finding modern, fun and functional baby and kid gear and toys, and want to share the best of what I’ve found with you.
– Kate
Photo by Lisa Anne Photography



  1. Lori McLennan

    Kate, I lof blogs. It is a fun way to see whats up in your full life. You are so creative. Good work on this ongoing site. xoxo

  2. Elle Ashworth

    This is my first time looking at this, YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I knew you were amazing when I spent almost every day with you and Henry, but, if it’s even possible, you’re even more amazing-ER!!!!! Way to go!! I’m going to post this and make all my moms down in SC follow you!

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