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merry-muscles-baby-jumper-exerciser-reviewI did a ton of research and read a lot of reviews before purchasing a baby jumper for Henry when he was a baby. I came across the Merry Muscles baby exerciser, made in Canada by Kidalog and designed by an occupational therapist and it had overwhelmingly great reviews online, so I went with that one. I’m so glad I did! What makes it different from other doorway-type baby jumpers I saw:

  1. It has a wider seat that supports your baby’s weight better and distributes it over the butt and thighs vs just the crotch.
  2. It has a full, high sling back that is super supportive for a young baby’s back, neck and head and great for lounging. You can even change the angle of recline a bit by moving the attachment nylon rope closer together or further apart along the top ring.
  3. It has an adjustable width with snaps to snugly fit a 3 month old or 24 month old.
  4. It has a whopping 40b weight limit! Which means that Henry used it regularly until he was around two and at 3.5 years old, still can get in it.
  5. It hangs with a bungee cord vs a coil spring, so you get super high, smooth jumping action.

You can purchase a doorway clamp as well if you don’t want to put a hook in your ceiling. The Kling Klamp is available separately for $35.04 from Merry Muscles or Amazon and would also work great with other hanging toys, like a hammock swing.


Having the Merry Muscles on a chain separate from a clamp allows a lot of flexibility. I’ve taken it to parties where I’ve looped it around trees, beams, or anything else sturdy, with just a carabiner to close the loop .

Both my kids really love this and we use it every day. I bought mine on Amazon here, but you can also purchase it directly from the Merry Muscles website.

To find out how we hang it, look here.


  • Can be used from a very young age (2 months) to 40lbs, so you get a lot of use out of it.
  • It offers the best, smoothest, highest jump of any other jumpers I’ve seen.
  • It is more versatile than other jumpers with the ability to be hung from a doorway, hook, beam or tree.
  • Fabric is removable for easy washing.
  • You an attach toys to the top rim.
  • Is very portable, easy to store and takes up no room.


  • It’s a bit pricier than other jumpers at $89.95 and the doorway clamp is extra if you need it.
  • It can take awhile to ship since it’s coming from Canada.
  • They don’t have one in my size (not totally true, because they do offer one for therapy, but it’s over $800!).

I don’t have any recent videos, but here is an older one of my son Henry in the Merry Muscles Baby Exerciser when he was little.

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  1. I have the merry muscles jumper. When we put our 4 month old baby in the jumper it doesn’t allow him to jump nearly as high as what I see in your pictures. Do you think it’s a defect?

    • It might be that he’s still young and will be able to get a higher jump as he gets bigger and heavier. You also have to have it positioned at the right height. Once he gets the hang of jumping, he should be able to touch the balls of this feet to the floor but not place his feet flat when he’s resting.

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