Ahoy Matey! Haba’s Amazing Ship Swing

haba-see-saw-ships-swing-reviewThe Haba Ships See Saw Swing was a complete splurge item that I’d been eyeing for awhile after coming across it online somewhere. I really had no intention of buying it though because 1) it was out of stock everywhere I looked 2) it is $329.99!!!! I’m known to spend money on kid stuff, but that’s a bit over my threshold for a swing. However, I guess it was meant to be because I ended up with it anyway…

Over the summer we took a family road trip to Upstate New York to visit friends and get in some lake time and we stopped a few places along the way. On a two-night stop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, we were walking back from breakfast when I saw the most awesome-looking baby and kid store and I just had to go in. I’m so glad I did! It is called Bellaboo, and it’s the largest collection of my favorite brands of baby and kid stuff in one place that I’ve ever seen. After browsing for a bit and picking up some clothes for my boys, I noticed they had some Haba swings in the store, so I thought I’d ask about the Ships See Saw Swing. Lucky me, they had several of them in their storeroom even though they didn’t have one out on display, and they would give me 25% off of one if I wanted it. I hemmed and hawed a bit, because it’s still a lot of money, but I went for it and we not only used it for the rest of our vacation, we’ve been using it in rotation on the hook ever since.


It has a super sturdy aluminum frame along the rim of the boat and a sturdy ring-framed bottom with mesh. At about 39.5″ long and 27″ wide, it can easily hold a couple kids or even three small ones. The weight limit is 176lbs (although from our ceiling hook, we wouldn’t put that much weight in it).

It has great, bright colors that are fun but not gaudy, two mesh portholes in the front and a mesh see-through in the back, and a fun nylon sail. The heavy nylon straps and metal hardware are extremely sturdy feeling and it has very smooth swivel hardware included, which makes spinning in it really fun. The boat itself is a heavy nylon fabric and can be easily spot cleaned. The ‘bean bag’ anchor hangs on a soft, flexible nylon rope and can be tied on anywhere.

Henry uses it as a swing, spinner, bed, cozy hangout, and he can either lay all the way inside, sit inside, stand inside, or stand on the rim of the boat and hold on to the straps.

To find out how we hang it, look here.


  • Very well-made and sturdy.
  • Collapses down when not in use, so it’s easy to slip under a couch or stick behind something.
  • Really, really cute and fun.
  • With a high weight limit (176lbs), it can last a long time if hung properly.


  • I couldn’t figure out how to attach the sail at the top and bottom, so I had to improvise with key chain hardware. The sail also looks a bit frayed along the edges and wrinkles easily.
  • It is out of stock everywhere I’ve seen except for Bellaboo. They may restock on the Haba website or Amazon when it’s closer to the holidays.
  • It’s expensive, at $329.99 full price.

If you want to get a boat swing but can’t find this one or don’t want to spend so much money, another option is the Regatta Swing from Hearthsong here.

This was the swing I was actually planning on getting before I happened across the other one in stock at Bellaboo. It is $149 with plenty of space for a couple kids and a 200lb weight limit. It also looks like it would withstand the outdoors well.

Boat Ship Swing Review Boat Ship Swing Review







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