Hate your Laundry Closet? There’s Hope!

Someday I’ll have an actual room dedicated to laundry. I imagine rows of hooks, bright, open shelving and cabinets with doors to hide cleaning supplies and organize clutter, personal rolling laundry hampers and maybe even a laundry maid if I’m really lucky. Right now though, I have a laundry closet. It is small, cramped and happens to be at the top of the stairs where it’s one of the first things you see if you enter the house and look up. If the bi-fold doors happen to be open, which they are most of the time, it’s not the nicest first impression of our house. Awhile back I decided to beautify and organize it to the best of my ability, or at least make it look a bit more presentable from the front-door view. I’m happy with the way it turned out and my laundry avoidance behaviors have lessened a bit.

This is my before and after.


These are the highlights of my new and improved laundry closet from top to bottom, left to right:

  • A hanging plaque from Pottery Barn Teen, which is pretty generic, but fits nicely in the space and adds a bit of pizzaz without being too busy.
  • Two woven square crate baskets from Target that I use for random, infrequently-used cleaning supplies. I labeled the baskets with chalkboard labels from Pottery Barn Kids here.
  • Three metal beverage tubs from Target that hold random stuff that I don’t have a place for. A big bonus is that they have bottle openers on the side, which is a huge perk when I’m in the dregs of laundry.
  • A magnetic strip bulletin board from three by three seattle here that adds a little fun to the space. I have several family photos hung from it as well as a couple magnetic hooks that are perfect for those little privacy lock keys you need to use to open the door when your kid locks you out of a room. I never knew where to keep those and now I have the perfect spot!
  • A wire shelf that’s screwed into the wall and holds a wastebasket, small basket hiding detergents, the iron, and another smaller hook-on wire shelf with dryer balls and odds and ends in it.
  • A paper towel holder screwed under the shelf, which is really handy for upstairs quick-cleanups.
  • Another piece of art just to improve the laundry experience a bit. I bought the print from Seaside Prints on Etsy and framed it myself with a basic frame from Kohls.
  • My favorite thing: a metal wall organizer that holds my laundry essentials. It’s meant to be an office organizer I think, but works perfectly in the laundry closet and conveniently fits my dryer sheets, color catcher sheets, mesh delicates bag, stain treaters and more. I got it from Land of Nod but unfortunately they don’t carry it anymore. I always seem to see a ton of wall organizers at TJMaxx Homegoods that would work, or something like this metal wall bin or this canvas hanging organizer would also work. Or, Land of Nod has colorful shoe organizers like this one which could hold a lot of laundry odds and ends. Each pocket measures 4″ x 3″ x 8″, which is large enough to hold standard size dryer sheets.
  • I installed three 2-pronged wall hooks under the shelf that I ended up using for metal buckets to hide my cleaning cloths. The ones I got are no longer available, but I have seen similar ones at various places, including this one for sale for $9.97 at Crate and Barrel. I’m thinking I might clear one out since I really don’t use cleaning cloths that often, and use it for quick-grab basic sewing supplies instead.
  • One thing I love having is a hanging rod for air-drying clothes. I measured the depth of my laundry closet and purchased an inexpensive adjustable hanging rod from Home Depot that I screwed into either end. It gives a purpose to the awkward extra space on the right side of my dryer and is a nice way to hang damp clothes in an out-of-the-way spot.
  • I have a laundry basket on the dryer which becomes a holding place for clothes that need to be put away. For dirty clothes, I have a fleet of laundry baskets which reside throughout the house. One in my bathroom, two in my closet, one in the kids’ room and on in the downstairs bathroom to toss things so I don’t have to run upstairs as much. They are all nice-looking and open-top so it’s easy to see when they are getting full and easy to toss things into while wrangling children. Most of them are from my favorite storage collection at Land of Nod (as you can probably tell, I love Land of Nod). Their floor bins are the perfect size for laundry (and also toys, blankets or anything else), are super lightweight, wipeable, and have handles.
  • The final touch was an ironing mat for quick iron jobs. I have a full size iron in my linen closet, but this is much more convenient for small jobs that don’t warrant wrangling the ironing board for. Tabletop ironing mats are available in various places, but here’s a magnetic ironing mat for under $12, or I got mine for $14.95 from Crate and Barrel here.









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