Halloween With My Two Blue Birds

This Halloween was James’ first Halloween and the first year for Henry that he really got the candy concept. When I asked him what he wanted his costume to be about a couple months ago, I expected him to say “Superhero,” or “Pirate.” I was surprised when he wanted to be a “blue bird,” but I think we pulled it off. Since it was my first Halloween finding costumes for two kids, I decided to have them kind of match. So, blue birds it was!

I came across these awesome wings at one of my favorite stores Land of Nod and decided to get those as a starting point.

Wild Wings Dress Up Set Bird Costume Halloween


I knew I wanted something handmade, but didn’t think I could pull it all off myself, so I turned to Etsy and found these great blue bird costume pieces.

Bird Costume HalloweenBird Costume Halloween









That pretty much took care of the costume for the baby since it was an all-in-one romper, but for Henry, I needed to figure out the rest of the body. I decided to do stripey pajamas and that way I could re-use them after Halloween. I found a lot of striped pajamas online, but the ones that were the least expensive and the right colors were at Gap.


I needed something for the bird body to make it more fun, so I made a trip to Joann Fabric and found some matching blue fleece fabric and hairy blue fur fabric to make something out of.

I started by taking one of Henry’s sleeveless shirts as a guide and cut out the fabric with a little extra along the sides where I would sew it. I then sewed along the sides inside-out and did a horrible job (I don’t have a sewing machine and just did it by hand), but it worked great. I then cut out an oval of the furry fabric and sewed it onto the front of the newly-made vest.








Voila! A little face paint and I think it turned out great!

Here are some of Henry’s costumes from the past year’s. I think they are all pretty cute.


  1. Has Henry seen Rio? The animation movie ? Maybe that’s why he wanted to be a blue bird 🙂 ps: love this movie and love your blog idea! You have such a wonderful family. Xoxoxo Laurie

    • He actually hasn’t seen it! I was thinking of putting that on his Christmas list though. Im not sure where he git the blue bird thing from. I hope you can make it out to CA again soon! Henry still asks about you whenever we talk to Neil.

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