Forget the Crocs and go Native!

Native Shoes Kids ReviewI’ll admit that I always saw myself as a ‘girl’ mom. When I got pregnant with my first child, I was almost giddy in my anticipation of all the flowy hippie skirts, bright, fun rompers, adorable hats, colorful shoes, leggings, dresses, and oh-so-cute diaper covers I would be filling my daughter’s closet with. Turns out, I had a beautiful, healthy son. And then I had another beautiful, healthy son. Now as a ‘boy’ mom, I’ve given up the hippie skirt sections for now, but I still want to have fun dressing my kids, especially while they are young and can’t object.

Boy clothes have come a long way (or, so more experienced ‘boy’ moms tell me), but generally still aren’t nearly as fun or colorful as their girl counterparts. I have found several clothing brands that I love for my boys, but hands down, the best boy outfit accessory I’ve found are Native Shoes. They are bright, colorful, fun, comfortable, totally practical, and make every outfit a bit more fun. My son loves wearing them, loves picking out the color or creative color combo of his shoes for the day, and has been pretty much exclusively wearing them for about two years now. He can easily put them on and take them off himself, but they stay on his feet through all the running, jumping, climbing and other boy craziness that happens on a daily basis. I’m asked all the time about his shoes since they aren’t sold anywhere around here and I’ve never actually talked to anyone else who had even heard of them. As a bonus, they also come in adult styles and sizes.


The Details:

  • Made out of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate), which is BPA and phthalate free, and feels like lightweight, cushy, foamy rubber.
  • Animal by-product free
  • They are washable, waterproof and odor-resitant. It suggests hand-washing, but we’ve thrown them in the clothes washer with no problems.

Native Shoes Kids Review Native Shoes Kids Review Native Shoes Kids Review Native Shoes Kids Review






  • They come in a lot of fun styles and colors and new ones are added each season.
  • If you get a couple colors in the same size/style, they can be mix-matched (think one red shoe, one blue shoe coolness).
  • They hold up really well and my son outgrows them before he outwears them, which means that they can be passed down to the next kid.
  • Most of the colors are gender neutral, so if I do have girl someday, she can probably wear her brother’s Native Shoes hand-me-downs too.
  • They are easy for my 3-year-old son to put on and take off himself.
  • They can be worn with socks or without.
  • They are easy to clean.
  • They can be worn in the water and float in case they get taken off.
  • They are flexible, super lightweight, and comfortable.


  • At least where I live, they have to be ordered online. They are available in a number of places though: Native Shoes, Amazon, Zappos, and to name a few.
  • They’re not the most expensive kid shoes, but not the cheapest either at an average of $30 for a pair, although I’ve gotten them on sale and also on eBay for less than that.

Native Shoes Kids Review Native Shoes Kids Review Native Shoes Kids Review

Native Shoes Kids Review Native Shoes Kids Review Native Shoes Kids Review Native Shoes Kids Review Native Shoes Kids Review Native Shoes Kids Review Native Shoes Kids Review


  1. This is great, I’ve wondered about these every time I see kids in them. Do they run true to size?

  2. I think they do. Henry wears a size C9, which stands for Child 9 he can also fit into an 8, but they are getting a bit tight. They go up to size 13 in Child sizes and then they have Youth sizes 1-3 and then adult sizes.

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