Indoor Wrap Hammock You Can DIY

One item we can’t live without in our house is a hammock swing. The boys love our indoor hammock and spend time in it every day spinning, swinging and just hanging out. The hammock can really be made out of any sturdy cloth, but our hammock is actually a baby wrap. It’s a 50% cotton, 50% linen blend that’s super strong and doesn’t have much stretch. I tied the top into a double knot so that it would hang about 8″ above the floor and added some swivel hardware at the top. The swivel hardware is super important, otherwise your kid will end up spinning the hook out of the ceiling eventually. We’ve used this hammock since 3-year-old Henry was a baby. It was a great way to entertain or sooth him (sometimes to sleep) when he was little and now he uses it to spin and swing, and 8-month-old James gets in there sometimes too.

How to do it:

  1. Find an open space between two rooms or in a place where there isn’t anything that can be knocked over by spinning and swinging craziness.
  2. Measure the distance from floor to ceiling where you’ll install a hook. Our hook is 82″ above the ground.
  3. Add a bit of length to whatever cloth you want to use so you have some excess for tying a good knot. Our hammock is 130″ long (about 3.5 yards) and 26″ wide.
  4. Get your measured length of sturdy cloth from a fabric store, or even a long tablecloth or sheet would work. It should be either cotton, linen, or another non-stretchy, strong fabric. We used a baby wrap, so it was already finished off along the edges, but if you wanted you could sew along the edges for a clean look.
  5. Get some swivel hardware. I used Husky Hook Alls from Home Depot.
  6. Tie the ends of your cloth with a double knot or other good weight-bearing knot, and attach the velcro strap from your swivel hardware.
  7. Hang it up on the hook and let your kids have fun!





For more information on hanging it indoors, look here.

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