Coffee Fix and Family Pics

The first thing I do in the morning after the kids and I make it downstairs is get a cup of coffee. My coffee is the first notable act of the morning. I’ll mostly be reviewing some of my favorite baby and kid stuff, but I thought I’d talk quick about one of my favorite things: the coffee maker. Boring, right? But, it really is an important start to my day and worth a mention.

We have a Keurig, which I LOVE. We are on our third Keurig. They don’t last forever, but I would wholeheartedly recommend them nonetheless. It takes about 1 minute to heat up, 30 seconds to brew and 2 seconds to clean up. After years of taste-tests with different K-cups, my favorite right now is Peets Coffee that you can get from Target.

For a more environmentally-friendly option, I love San Francisco Bay Coffee, which makes single-serve K-cups that are 97 percent biodegradable. I buy mine on Amazon. Or, you can get a single-serve filter to use with your own ground coffee, like this one.

Equally as important as the coffee is the coffee setup. We have ours under a cabinet dedicated to hot beverages. I’m including a photo because 1) I love our Keurig and 2) I love our coffee mugs. I know a coffee mug seems insignificant but really, they play an important role in my morning routine.

Keurig-Coffee-YouAreHereMug-StarbucksLike most people, we had a mish mash of mis-matched coffee mugs spanning from middle school when I got a horoscope mug for myself. I didn’t love any of them and many of them had chips, cracks or were just ugly or too small. On my last trip to visit family in California, I picked up a Starbucks You Are Here mug at the airport. Since then we’ve been collecting them on various travels or been gifted them by helpful family members. They really are the best mugs ever for several reasons:


  1. They stack perfectly.
  2. They hold a good amount of coffee (14oz).
  3. They are mom-friendly, with a super stable base. When they get bumped into by kids they don’t tip over.
  4. They are a set (it just makes my coffee area feel more orderly).
  5. They don’t match completely- each mug has it’s own cool location graphic and inside color, which both appeals to the graphic designer in me, and makes it easy to know which one is yours when there are multiple coffee-drinkers around.
  6. They are sentimental – each mug reminds me of a place I’ve been and had great memories in.
  7. They are fun to collect!

You can only get the mugs at Starbucks stores in the actual location pictured on each mug, but eBay and Amazon also sell them.


Cabinet Door Magnet Board Family Photos

Cabinet Door Magnet Board

Organization Tip

Another awesome thing about my coffee station? The magnet board on the inside cabinet door. When I was a kid our kitchen cabinet doors were lined on the inside with photos of family and friends. It’s still a nice surprise when visiting home when I go to get a plate and am greeted by photos of myself, my siblings, friends and other family smiling from the inside of the doors. It’s a great way to take advantage of normally unused space without adding visual clutter to your kitchen. And who doesn’t have a ton of photos stored on the computer waiting for a place to be displayed?

I wanted to recreate that in a more organized way with the magnet board. I’m sure any strong magnetic board would work, but I got mine from ‘three by three seattle’ here. They have several sizes and shapes available and even dry erase magnet boards that would be great for adding notes to. Mine is 12×12, which is the perfect size for the inside of my cabinet. It comes with a set of super strong magnets and you can also use your own. They come with holes in the corners for screw mounting, but I didn’t really want to drill into our cabinet, so I used Command velcro strips to adhere it. The Command strips are available in many stores, but I got mine at Target. Since my coffee cabinet is one that I open frequently, I love seeing the family photos in there when I go to get my morning coffee, and I can switch them out whenever I want.

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  1. Lori McLennan

    I get why you do what you do with coffee. Sarah and Carey have a cuisinart coffee maker that you can set up the night before. Phil and I are coffee people and have had s system for years. We would get up boil water, place a melitta #6 POUR-OVER PLASTIC FILTER CONE with non bleached paper filter on the largest airpot we could find. grind coffee and place it in the filter and after filling the airpot, we would have coffee. It was a ritual that Phil created. Years of that went by. We pretty much had coffee all day. I began to see Sarah’s second cuisinart and wanted one. I got one and Phil was not excited at all. Not his style. Now I set it up the night before and do what Sarah and Carey do, Get up to a hot cup of coffee and pour the rest into the airpot. That way it doesn’t burn. Phil found it very enjoyable if he gets up before me…..

    • We are definitely coffee people, and when we visit my mom we use a french press or the pour-over method. I love how you can control how dark the coffee is that way. With my chaotic mornings though with tge kids, you cant beat the Keurig for quick convenience!

  2. Great start to a great blog. I love how organized you are yet practical. I look forward to future post. The only thing I wish I put in our express shipment and didn’t is the Keurig.

  3. Kate – I love your new blog! And the photos of the boys – beautiful!
    I had an opportunity to use a Keurig last summer when I stayed with family in Ontario, Canada. I did love the convenience, but my concern is the waste from those little cups. Seems like a lot of land-fill material … we are sticking with our basic drip until there is a better way. I grind the beans (love the selection and prices at Cost Plus World Market) and put it all together as a part of my bedtime rituals, then start it first thing in the morning while I’m getting into my gym clothes. A big mug, newspaper on the iPad, and I’m good to head out the door by 5:30 a.m.

    • I know what you mean about the waste. I added a note on the biodegradable k-cups that are becoming available. We ordered some online that was good and I noticed that my local store is carrying some now too. I’m hoping its a trend that continues!

  4. If you find any tiny coffee filters, let me know. I use the screen filter on our Keurig or I use the drip coffee maker w paper filters. I’d prefer to keep my 10-20 cents more per cup versus k-cups. I agree w the environmental responsibility and find it interesting that biodegradable cups weren’t available a couple years ago.

    • We have a screen filter too, but tiny paper filters would be awesome. I bet you could even kind of make your own out of regular filters.

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